Jarvis Schultz

A rendering of the robotic "puppeteer" I designed
for the robotic marionette project.

I am currently interested in creating robust software and hardware for the optimal control of underactuated, lowly-damped systems with the specific application of  robotic control of classical stringed marionettes. The majority of my PhD research has been dedicated to developing a robotic hardware system for actuating the marionettes. I have spent several summers in California working on the system's development with collaborators at Disney Research. I am now working on generating and implementing computationally efficient techniques for controlling the system. 

Google Scholar profile.

University of Wyoming
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, 2009
Thesis: Meso-scale and Multicontinuum Modeling of a Triaxial Braided Textile Composite 

University of Wyoming
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, magna cum laude, 2007

Northwestern University

  • ME333: Intro to Mechatronics (Teaching Assistant)
  • ME314: Machine Dynamics (Teaching Assistant)
  • University of Wyoming

  • ES 2410: Mechanics of Materials (Supplementary Instructor)
  • Engineering Summer Program: Introduction to Composite Materials (Instructor)
  • ME 2020: Intro to the Design of Experiments (Teaching Assistant)
  • TBP

    I am an advisor the the Illinois Gamma chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor's society.


    I personally am a big fan and an active user of the following software:

  • trep - dynamic simulation and optimal control
  • ROS - the Robot Operating System
  • emacs - an extensible, customizable text editor — and more!
  • python - a powerful, cross-platform programming language with many useful (and free) extension e.g. (NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, and IPython)
  • LaTeX - the best way to write technical papers
  • git - modern, distributed version control
  • Other Webpages

  • My github profile page - Contains the majority of the software that I have written for my PhD research.
  • My answers.ros.org profile page
  • Profile on the stackexchange network
  • Vimeo channel related to my PhD research
  • My final project for the ME333: Introduction to Mechatronics class