Congratulations to Four New NxR PhD Graduates

NxR graduate students Eric Shearer, Vlad Seghete, Jarvis Schultz, and Steven Manuel have successfully defended their theses and completed their PhD degrees.  Their thesis titles and committee members can be seen below.  Congratulations to the newest NxR doctors!

Eric Schearer
Thesis Title: Efficient Identification of Multiple-Muscle Functional Electrical Stimulation Systems.
Committee: Kevin M. Lynch (Chair), Eric Perreault, Stefan Schaal and Matthew C. Tresch.

Steven Manuel
Thesis Title: Perceptual Reasoning Using Multiple Fingers in a Two and a Half Dimensional World.
Committee: Ed Colgate (Chair), Michael Peshkin (Co-Chair), Roberta Klatzky and Malcolm MacIver.

Jarvis Schultz
Thesis Title: Discrete Mechanics Computation for Real-time Embedded Control.
Committee: Todd Murphey (Chair), Brenna Argall and Wendy Murray.

Vlad Seghete
Thesis Title: Numerical Methods for Simulation and Control of Impacting Mechanical Systems.
Committee: Todd Murphey (Chair), Mitra Hartmann, Kevin Lynch and Goce Trajcevski.

Friday, June 13, 2014