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Tech B270

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Ph. D.

My research involves control of dynamical systems. Specifically, I am interested in model-based methods for real-time closed-loop control of complex nonlinear systems.

I received a BS degree in Bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley and an M.S. degree in Robotics and Controls through Northwestern University's Department of Mechanical Engineering. Additionally, I spent several years working as a mechanical and control systems engineer and project manager at an engineering consulting firm in California.

I have served as a TA in several engineering courses at Northwestern, enjoy teaching, and am excited at the opportunity to support technologies that extend the public accessibility of educational resources online.

ME 314 Theory of Machines: Dynamics - Fall 2012
ME 333 Intro to Mechatronics - Winter 2013
EA3 Engineering Analysis 3 - Fall 2013
Coursera MOOC - Everything is the Same: Modeling Engineered Systems - Fall 2013