Anne En-Tzu Yang

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Tech B270

Year graduated: 
Former Position/Degree: 
Ph. D.

Micro Robotic Sensors for Rat Whiskers

 Applied various fabrication skills and built an array of sensors with high efficiency, reliability, and low cost.

 Acquired and processed signals and discovered a new application of airflow sensing using the designed tactile sensor.

 Obtained results in a journal paper, advanced the collaboration with University of Maryland, and led to an NSF funding.


Biomechanical and Neural Modeling on Rodent Whiskers

Demonstrated using a 3D biomechanical model how animals perceive and localize objects using minimal information.

Extended the mechanical model of animal sensing to include tissues forces and mechano-receptors types.

Explained the directionality in neural responses by findings in the intrinsic properties of the sensors.

Predicted neural responses by modeling rat whisker dynamics using ODE and solving over-constrained problems.

Derived the mass moment of inertia of a curved, tapered beam analytically, enabling energy calculation.

National Taiwan University (Taipei, Taiwan)

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, 2012

Teaching Assistant, Biomechanics, Winter 2014

Teaching Assistant, Fluid Mechanics, Spring 2014

Teaching Assistant, Biomechanics, Winter 2015

Teaching Assistant, Fluid Mechanics, Spring 2015

Teaching Assistant, Fluid Mechanics, Spring 2016