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Ph. D. student

Tech B271

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I'm currently working on the weakly electric fish (Eigenmannia virescens), trying to find out:

1. How is locomotion of the weakly electric fish altered while the fish is switching between different sensory modalities;

2. How its nervous system integrates multi-dimensional sensory input from different sensory modalities and reflects it in active sensing and locomotion.

B.E. Biomedical Engineering, Zhengzhou University, 2013

BME 301 (Fall 2015) - Systems Physiology - Nervous System

Cognitive Neuroscience

    Where does our cognition lies? What's the physiological basis of human volition?

     If cognition is nothing but an "elusive" projection of the multi-dimensional sensory input onto certain part of human brain (e.g. frontal lobe, limbic lobe, etc.), then what about virtual reality? What if we can make an ultimate virtual reality system so real that it can even trick our perception since it's able to generate a similar projection as the physical world? This is achievable since neuroscientist and engineers have already made several successful virtual reality system that can fake insect (, reptiles, and other animals including mammals.