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Tech B270

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Ph. D.

My research explores the exaggerated sensory structure of the rat vibrissal array as a model to better understand sensorimotor behaviors and the neural basis of tactile perception. My project utilizes mathematical, statistical, and computational methods to investigate how rats neurologically integrate mechanical information across their whiskers during active sensing.

B.S. Mathematics, University of Oregon (June 2011)

M.S. Engineering Science and Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University (June 2012)

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University (December 2017)

Teaching Assistant, BME 220 - Introduction to Biomedical Statistics, Winter-Spring 2015

Instructor, EXCEL Program, Engineering Analysis I - Linear Algebra, Summer 2014

Teaching Assistant, BME 301 - Systems Physiology: Neuroscience, Fall 2013, Spring 2014

Teaching Assistant, BME 270 - Fluid Mechanics I, Spring 2013