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Tech B270

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Ph. D.

My research aims to provide a quantitative understanding of how to develop control strategies for search and exploration that naturally take into account prior infomation, as well as the dynamic constraints of the sensory system. I am currently working on developing optimal control-based methods for solving trajectory optimization problems in the context of exploration. I am also collaborating with Malcolm MacIver, applying ergodic search strategies to an electrosensing robot as part of the Active Electrosense project.

I am the chair of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Student Activities Committee and Student Member of the IEEE RAS Administrative Committee

For more information about me and my research interests, see my personal webpage (link).

Dartmouth College 

Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) in Engineering Sciences, 2009 

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Mechanical Engineering, 2009

Northwestern University 

Master of Science (M.S) in Mechanical Engineering, 2013