Ola Kalinowska

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Ph. D. student

Tech B270


I am particularly interested in using mathematical tools, such as machine learning, statistical inference, and control theory to create effective, safe, and intuitive robots for assistance and rehabilitation. In my research, I have focused on adapting data-driven methods for identification of human-machine systems, such as a human in an exoskeleton, and on developing shared control paradigms for safe human-robot interaction. I am also interested in creating real-time, learning-based solutions to improve a robot’s understanding of human intent, as well as in incorporating scientific principles of motor learning into designing effective robot-aided rehabilitation.

MS Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University (2018)

BS Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2016)


NUvention: Medical | Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    - Fall 2017-Winter 2018
    - Fall 2018-Winter 2019

ME 314: Theory of Machines - Dynamics
    - Fall 2018