Vlad Seghete

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Tech B270

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Ph. D.

My current research is on simulating mechanical systems using variational integrator methods. The focus is on systems that undergo impacts, multiple simultaneous impacts and other contact phenomena, like Coulomb friction. I am also working on building a reliable and accurate simulation of the RHex robot in order to better understand and develop controllers for this platform. Ultimately, this simulation will be used to generate optimal controllers for the RHex and other systems that undergo simultaneous impacts.

In addition I am working on developing a projection based method that will enable us to cast impulsive systems (such as systems undergoing impacts) as hybrid systems in a modified space. The advatage of doing so is that non-smooth trajectories in the original system will map as smooth trajectories in the modified hybrid system. The added smoothness should allow us to use optimal design algorithms for controllers in the modified space before projecting them back to the originial, physical space.

B.S. in Computer Engineering from UMBC in 2007

Studied at University of Colorado at Boulder between 2007 and 2008

Complex Analysis - Fall 2006
Assembly and Computer Architecture - Fall 2007
Intro to Linear Systems - Spring 2008
Theory of Machine Dynamics (ME314) - Winter 2009
Engineering Analysis 3 - Spring 2012