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Hartmann, M. J. Z., N. J. Johnson, R. B. Towal, and C. Assad, "Mechanical characteristics of rat vibrissae: resonant frequencies and damping in isolated whiskers and in the awake behaving animal", The Journal of neuroscience, vol. 23, no. 16: Soc Neuroscience, pp. 6510–6519, 2003.  (494.96 KB)
Towal, R. B., and M. J. Z. Hartmann, "Right–left asymmetries in the whisking behavior of rats anticipate head movements", The Journal of neuroscience, vol. 26, no. 34: Soc Neuroscience, pp. 8838–8846, 2006.
Birdwell, J. A., J. H. Solomon, M. Thajchayapong, M. A. Taylor, M. Cheely, R. B. Towal, J. Conradt, and M. J. Z. Hartmann, "Biomechanical models for radial distance determination by the rat vibrissal system", Journal of neurophysiology, vol. 98, no. 4: Am Physiological Soc, pp. 2439–2455, 2007.  (906.36 KB)
Towal, R. B., and M. J. Z. Hartmann, "Variability in velocity profiles during free-air whisking behavior of unrestrained rats", Journal of neurophysiology, vol. 100, no. 2: Am Physiological Soc, pp. 740–752, 2008.  (1.34 MB) (2.57 MB) (2.23 MB)
Towal, R. B., B. W. Quist, V. Gopal, J. H. Solomon, and M. J. Z. Hartmann, "The morphology of the rat vibrissal array: a model for quantifying spatiotemporal patterns of whisker-object contact", PLoS computational biology, vol. 7, no. 4: Public Library of Science, pp. e1001120, 2011.