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Shirgaonkar, A. A., O. M. Curet, N. A. Patankar, and M. A. MacIver, "The hydrodynamics of ribbon-fin propulsion during impulsive motion", Journal of Experimental Biology, vol. 211, no. 21: The Company of Biologists Ltd, pp. 3490–3503, 2008.  (2.4 MB)
Shirgaonkar, A. A., M. A. MacIver, and N. A. Patankar, "A new mathematical formulation and fast algorithm for fully resolved simulation of self-propulsion", Journal of Computational Physics, vol. 228, no. 7: Elsevier, pp. 2366–2390, 2009.  (1.26 MB)
MacIver, M. A., N. A. Patankar, and A. A. Shirgaonkar, "Energy-Information Trade-Offs between Movement and Sensing", PLoS Computational Biology, vol. 6, issue 5, pp. e1000769, 5/2010.  (1.12 MB)