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Quist, B. W., R. A. Faruqi, and M. J. Z. Hartmann, "Variation in Young's modulus along the length of a rat vibrissa", Journal of biomechanics: Elsevier, 2011.  (955.78 KB) (308.36 KB)
Quist, B. W., and M. J. Z. Hartmann, "A two-dimensional force sensor in the millinewton range for measuring vibrissal contacts", Journal of neuroscience methods, vol. 172, no. 2: Elsevier, pp. 158–167, 2008.  (678.32 KB)
Quist, B. W., and M. J. Z. Hartmann, "Mechanical signals at the base of a rat vibrissa: the effect of intrinsic vibrissa curvature and implications for tactile exploration", Journal of Neurophysiology, vol. 107, no. 9: Am Physiological Soc, pp. 2298–2312, 2012.  (2.84 MB)