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Wiertlewski, M., J. Lozada, E. E. Pissaloux, and V. Hayward, "Causality inversion in the reproduction of roughness", Haptics: Generating and Perceiving Tangible Sensations: Springer, pp. 17–24, 2010.  (2.1 MB)
Wiertlewski, M., J. Lozada, and V. Hayward, "The spatial spectrum of tangential skin displacement can encode tactual texture", Robotics, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 27, no. 3: IEEE, pp. 461–472, 2011.  (1.15 MB)
Wiertlewski, M., J. Lozada, E. E. Pissaloux, and V. Hayward, "Tactile interface for stimulation of fingertip via lateral traction.", Actuators 2010 12th International Conference on new actuators bremen, Germany, 2010.  (1.08 MB)
Wiertlewski, M., V. Hayward, and J. Lozada, System For Simulating A Contact With A Surface By Tactile Stimulation, , 2012.
Hudin, C., J. Lozada, M. Wiertlewski, and V. Hayward, "Tradeoffs in the application of time-reversed acoustics to tactile stimulation", Haptics: Perception, Devices, Mobility, and Communication: Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, pp. 218–226, 2012.  (2.13 MB)