Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering

Our research on the modeling and control of biomechanical systems encompasses a diverse range of projects from simulation of the human hand to exploratory control algorithms.   Each project is connected by the need for advanced numerical simulation of biological systems and methods for controlling these systems.

In particular, simulating biomechanical systems can be difficult because of numerous couplings between subcomponents of the system that lead to constraints in the system description.  We employ the use of a variational integrator to compute the dynamics of models such as the human hand. By using conserved quatities of the system, the variational integrator simulations are valid over longer time horizons which improves the reliability of optimial control techniques.  For additional information on variational integrators, see the Discrete Mechanics research page.

Individual projects can be browsed by clicking on the pictures below.

Forward Simulation of the Hand Using EMG

Simulation of Rat Whiskers

Ergodic Control for Exploration

Whiplash Simulation


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