Undergraduate Research Summer 2013

The very short form below is just to collect basic information and to set up a time to visit the lab. We will follow up with you and ask for examples of projects that you've worked on in the past, highlighting your contributions and skills you've gained. In the end, we're looking for a good match- where you are able to help advance our research and we are able to teach you and give you valuable experience that you can draw on later in life. 

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The Surface Haptics group makes it possible to feel things on touchscreens. We are a multidisciplinary lab, exploring everything from basic physical science questions like “How do we use vibrations or electricity to apply force to a fingertip?” to user-centered design questions like “How might we design a haptic interface so that drivers can keep their eyes on the road while using it?” Answering these questions requires a range of skills from building devices and electronics to computer programming and interface design. While you don’t need to know it all coming in, but you will probably touch on it all before you leave. Undergraduate students with a background in Design,  EECS,  Mechanical Engineering, or Industrial Engineering are all welcome. Two paid positions are available. Submit examples of past work by Friday March 15th, decisions before spring break. 

For more info, contact Joe Mullenbach- mullenbach@u.northwestern.edu